something big

As a fast-moving start-up, we like to roll our sleeves up, while at the same time, nurturing your individual goals and ambition.

Tech stack

Most developers like to understand what tech stacks they might be getting into. We’re happy to lay our cards on the table.

SCRUM and a democracy of ideas. JIRA, GitLab, merge requests, pairing, CI, unit tests.
-Native mobile apps:
Xcode + Swift 4, Android Studio + Java + Kotlin. Some JavaScript from our CMS. iOS libraries including: Alamofire, Argo, Branch, Charts, Crashlytics, Charts, MarkdownKit, Mixpanel… Android libraries including: butterknife, crashlytics, gson, mixpanel, okhttp3, otto, picasso…
-Content pipeline:
YAML, git, Python 3, JSON, HTTP.
Python 3, Django, Django REST Framework, Celery, PostgreSQL.
Data warehouse, ETL, Python 3, PostgreSQL, SQLAlchemy.
AWS, Ansible (moving to Kubernetes), GitLab CI.

Hiring process

Our developers designed their ideal recruitment process. It looks like this:

-Initial CTO call, 20 minutes
-Single face-to-face interview

Main interview runs like this:

- 30 mins:
Our team shows you what we are building and how; the stack, the tools, the processes. Warts and all.
- 1 hour:
You show us (2 appropriate devs from the team) your best stuff on a laptop. Whatever you think best shows off your skills and thought processes - ideally production code, but personal projects are also great to see. We don’t copy any code anywhere, but this serves as a great starting point for rambling technical discussions.
- 15 mins:
Final Q&A.
- 15 mins:
Meet with one of the co-founders, to get the wider vision/mission and ask frank questions about funding, strategy etc.